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KFT Test In Delhi

KFT (Kidney Function Test)

Total Parameters: 12
  • UREA

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Sample Type Blood

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About KFT Test

Kidneys play important roles in maintaining your health. The primary function is balancing homeostasis. It removes two significant compounds urea and uric acid, which help to purify the blood. KFT tests determine renal disorders. KFT test is a test to check the functionality function. KFt includes urine test, serum urea, blood urea nitrogen(BUN), calcium, serum creatinine, dilution test.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the precautions and preparations to take during the KFT test?

It is a blood test which does not require any preparations though KFT may require overnight fasting.

The test is done by collecting blood samples from the patient vein. The lab technician first cleans the spot using some disinfectant, so it does not allow passing of the bacteria in the blood sample. After collection of blood samples, a bandage may be applied to avoid any infection.

What are the KFT results?

The abnormal KFT result indicates some form of kidney disorder. However, it may not determine the reason for the problem.

What is the risk of KFT?

A KFT is a routine blood test with minimal risk. In many rare cases, some complication or infection may occur due to blood extraction.

What is the cost of KFT in India?

The KFT test cost depends on the labs and locations. As many labs include different numbers of parameters in KFT, this becomes a factor for variable cost.

How many tests are included in the KFT test?

Kidney Function Test (KFT) includes Renal Profile (11 tests).

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